911 S5 Proxy for AEZAKMI

Guide: how to setup 911 S5 Proxy for AEZAKMI?

4 min readAug 13, 2019

ATTENTION! This way for setting up is no longer relevant. Now, you can setup 911S5 Proxy using Port Forwarding and work with few proxies at the same time. More details are here in our new guide: 911S5 Proxy Port Forwarding with AEZAKMI

Download and Setup

Log in to your 911.re account and go to the User Panel tab.

Download button

Next, go to the 911 S5 Soft Download tab and download the From Local version.

The proxy application only works on Windows systems

The browser will inform you about unsafe software when downloading the 911S5.rar. Ignore this message by clicking “continue downloading anyway.” After the download completed, unzip the program to a folder convenient for you, for example, to your desktop.

911 s5 floder on Desktop


Open the 911S5 folder and run the Client.exe application as administrator.


You have to use the administrator account or give your account the admin rights for correct work of the 911S5 with AEZAKMI. Otherwise, we do not guarantee the correct operation of the 911 proxy with the AEZAKMI browser.

Run as Administrator

Log In form is appear.

Check the “Save Login info” checkbox to remember your data and not to enter it when you restart the program if you want.

Open the Program tab and drag the Aezakmi Browser icon there, it can be any Aezakmi Browser icon.

Go to the ProxyList tab and double-click a proxy server. After the proxy server activated, the output IP-address will appear in the “Proxy Info” section at the top.

Now you can launch Aezakmi Browser and work with the selected IP address.

The indicator is displayed in an additional application window, where Active Connection is more than zero.

Creating and working with fingerprints

The creation of fingerprints appears as usual. You do not need to use ‘Enable Proxy’ checkbox, because the proxy settings are automatically applied to all AEZAKMI browser profiles. It does not matter which profile you run.

All your browser profiles and fingerprint profiles will have the same proxy settings. This is a feature of working with 911.re.

Go to the ‘Your profiles’ tab, select the fingerprint you created and press EDIT in order to make sure that the fingerprint profile you created matches the proxy server IP-address. After the profile is loaded for editing, go to ‘Advanced mode’ and go to the ‘GEO Settings’ tab.

GEO-settings section

As you can see in the screenshot, based on the IP address, which is defined as British, the appropriate settings were selected.

If you change the IP-address and continue to work with this fingerprint, the data in the “GEO Settings” will be invalid, unless the IP-address will belong to the same country.

Therefore, if you want to change the ip-address — you should create a new profile. Stop the current connection to the proxy server, select a new geo proxy, and after that create a new fingerprint in your Aezakmi Account. Only in this case, the new fingerprint profile will have the new proxy server data you selected.

Be careful, proxies you choose live from 24 hours to two days.

More details here: 911.re/faq

For additional configuration of the 911S5 application, you can watch the video instructions on the official website of 911.re/software.

Have a nice work!