911S5 Proxy Port Forwarding with AEZAKMI

3 min readNov 25, 2019

This instruction will allow you to use 911S5 Proxy in port forwarding mode for working simultaneously with different browser fingerprints and different proxies on your PC.

Firstly, you need to start your 911 proxy using the client.exe shortcut.

Go to the last Settings tab. Settings should be standard, nothing needs to be changed here.

In order to use multiple proxies from 911 at the same time, you must specify a range of ports.

Lets imagine, for example, I need 10 proxies at the same time, so I specified the range from 5000 to 5010.

You can choose any range you need, however it is better to start it with 5000.

Don’t also forget to switch off Auto Change TimeZone option

Also, don’t forget to spoof UserAgent.
Go to the User Agent menu and set the value to Browser Default.

After you have determined the port range for forwarding, go to the second tab of the Proxy List. Here you can use filters in order to select proxies in the location you need.

Then just right-click on the required proxy, select Forward Port to Proxy and in the drop-down list assign this proxy to any free port from the range you select.

You can do the same for other proxies, until you select the number of proxies you need.

When you click on the PortForwardList button — in the lower left corner of the 911 proxy interface, you will see a window in which you can see which proxies you have assigned to which port.

At this step, the port forwarding phase and the 911S5 are completed.
Now you need to configure the Aezakmi browser fingerprint.

Go from your browser to your Aezakmi account using the link

Log in and create a profile based on 5 parameters proposed for rotation, and click the “Generate” button. (step 1)

Activate the “Enable Proxy” option. (step 2)

In the appeared block, on the right side, activate the option “911” (step 3)

And enter the port you need, for example 5000, for the first proxy. (step 4)

Then come up with a profile name and click Save

Thus, you can create the required number of browser profiles for all the necessary proxies.

After setting up your browser profiles, open your Aezakmi browser, and select the created profile in the drop-down list and apply it.

Aezakmi will detect and install all geo-data for the selected 911 proxy using the port specified in the fingerprint.

If you still have additional questions, write us to Telegram at @aezakmisupport

Read more about the product here: https://aezakmi.run/