Browser Fingerprints. Spoofing. AEZAKMI.

4 min readJul 31, 2019

Before we start to talk on spoofing browser fingerprints, let us find out what is a browser fingerprint.

A browser fingerprint is a set of parameters related to the features of your PC. The browser sends that parameters to websites when you visit them.
Browser fingerprinting is a powerful method that websites use to collect information about your browser type and version, as well as your OS, active plugins, time zone, language, screen resolution and various other active settings.
That fingerprints can be used to fully or partially identify individual users or devices even when cookies are turned off.
In other words, the browser fingerprints is a kind of the passport of your PC.

Why do websites need this?

Some websites are very sensitive on their users’ activity. This is commonly related to huge companies. Anti-fraud systems become suspicious and may start alarming if there is any ‘suspicious activity’.
For instance, if you have several accounts in popular social networks, they will not stay alive for a long time if you use them on the same PC. How the anti-fraud system does determines that these accounts are used on the same device?

Yes, it is all about fingerprints of your browser. The website identifies your device by its browser fingerprint. If your activity seems ‘suspicious’ they block your accounts. That is it.

When we have figured out what is browser fingerprint actually is, let us talk about spoofing browser fingerprints.
Spoofing browser fingerprints is a substitution of real parameters of a PC with other ones, which are relevant and real.

In other words, you get a new identity on the Internet. This is necessary for avoiding the anti-fraud system of websites.

Lets proceed and talk about commercial cases. There are several profitable online businesses:

• Affiliate Marketing on Facebook
• Betting arbitrage
• Commerce on classifieds. Ebay, Amazon
• Advertising, PR and SMM

One of the important part of those businesses is ‘growing’ new accounts. For instance, Facebook, LinkedIn, VK or Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, social networks do not welcome this kind of activity. It is under the anti-fraud system control.

Therefore, the main task for those businesses is to use many accounts as long as it possible does. It will be difficult, because in order to use the accounts for a long period it needs many devices. Using many different browsers is also a good solution for that task, but it can be hardly scalable. However, there are other tools for that purpose.

What tools?

For instance, AEZAKMI Browser.

Why AEZAKMI is fit for that?

Advantages of Using AEZAKMI

Advantages of Using AEZAKMI

• AEZAKMI controls:

Screen Dimension — WebTRC — WebGL hash — Language — GPS — Video Card — Canvas hash — Audio Hash — WebGL Debug Vendor — OS — User Agent — Time Zone — Proxy

• Every Profile is an Isolated Device

You receive a completely isolated device with its own cookie-files and history when you create an AEZAKMI profile. All sessions will be active when you run a profile again. It will also work if you transfer the profile to your team member

• Proxy automation

You can add proxy-server when you create or edit an AEZAKMI profile. It will also load automatically when you work with the profile

Business processes optimization

AEZAKMI suits not only for personal using but also for commercial cases. Divide creation, development and transfer of accounts into independent business processes

How to use AEZAKMI?

Create and configure a fingerprint profile in AEZAKMI:
Every profile is a specific account, with proxies, cookies, history, open sessions and tabs. Moreover, there is a browser profile, which is a separate work environment with its unique settings.
Farm accounts for FB, LinkedIn, VK and Twitter. Transfer it to your teammates using a shared workspace for it.
Workflow optimization = increasing productivity and you profit, as a result!

Create a separate browser profile for each fingerprint profile. Apply proxies and geo-location. No need to constantly switch between browsers, login forms and using VM. Just open the created browser profile and all the saved data will immediately available for work.
Optimize the workflow of your employees and serve more customers.

Use each fingerprint profile with the special browser profile. Customize them as you wish. Need to transfer the fingerprint profile with all data? Do it in two clicks. ‘Save’ and ‘Upload’. It is very easy. Open it on another device. It will save all open tabs, cookies, sessions and logged accounts.
Work with comfort and convert your time into cash!

AEZAKMI Browser fits for:

• Affiliate Marketing on Facebook
• Betting arbitrage
• Commerce on classifieds. Ebay, Amazon
• Advertising, PR and SMM
• And more!

AEZAKMI helps you to optimize business processes, reduce cost and increase productivity

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