Affiliate Marketing Case Study: How to Earn Almost $30k on Facebook Ads

  • Offer: Erogan
  • Bundle: Partnership pre-lands and one landing were used
  • CPA Network: Leadbit
  • Traffic Source: Facebook (Target)
  • Period: 1.08.2019–11.11.2019
  • GEO: Italy, Romania, Czech Republic
  • Spent: $ 19,600
  • Received: $ 49,046
  • Profit: $ 29,446
  • ROI: 150%


Technical part

  • AEZAKMI browser;
  • Mobile RU-proxies (own farm);
  • Accounts that are bundled with AEZAKMI;
  • Cloak

How we did it





Official Site: Telegram Support: Email: YT:

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Official Site: Telegram Support: Email: YT:

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