How do we manage to run up to 90% of any accounts or how do we decide, determine the reasons for deviations (mental) when working with Facebook.

NPPR TEAM welcomes you. In this article we will try to cover all the problems.

Responding to numerous requests to our VK group, we were more often asked questions about how we deal with ads rejections and account bans, and the reasons, as you have already understood a lot: domain ban, cloaking, creoses, selfies, etc.

Attention: All that will be described in this article is only our experience with FB.

Today, we will consider the most frequent causes.

Domain Ban.

The solution to this problem is to change the domain or domain zone.

How does our team work with domains?

In our arsenal, we use domain zones: .site, .website, .shop and several other popular domains (our secrets, so to speak).

We buy domains from and

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The main task when working with domains is always to have a “safety margin”.

Having a pool of thousands of domains in different zones, this allows us to track domains until the next launch, sometimes up to several months. Make a reserve of domains, do not spare to invest money in domains. Every day the domain registered by you “gaining weight”, it gets older and search engines index it through public databases, which gives an additional signal for FB.

Besides domains, we also use subdomains. We work only through https://

Main recommendation: The interval between using domains is at least 2 weeks. The interval between the use of subdomains in a particular domain, at least a week.

The process of preparing domains for the launch of advertising:

One generated white page, we use many times and have no problems with it.

What to pay attention to:

Driving traffic on the potency? Generate white pages with a variety of keys: “buy bananas”, “Excursion to Pisa”. I think the direction is clear

Creoses, creations, creo.

Are the creatives flying away? Or do they used very quickly? Missed FB moderation?

How does our team create and work with creativity?

When launching ads, we use both photo and video creatives.

We have well-established our own creative production. To create creatives, we use Adobe Premier, Camtasia Studio, Adobe Photoshop and other similar tools.

The process of creating any kind of creativity:

When creating creativity, we try to invent and discover new approaches every time, the FB becomes smarter and more inventive, and the FB audience is saturated with advertising offers.

Reminding: When creating creos, we focus on the mapping (pre-landing)/offer, as well as the white page on which the bots will navigate. Everything must have a connection, so that the chain is not broken even in the case of a cloak “breakthrough”.

Accounts. Selfies. Checks, etc.

There is a huge number of offers on accounts of different origin, farming and other characteristics. In our turn, we use our own experience in registration and preparation of accounts for launch, which allows us to avoid many moments associated with the use of third-party accounts from other vendors. We don’t guarantee to recommend anybody, because we don’t launch from other vendors’ accounts anymore (we don’t take test launches into account).

Our recommendations for working with accounts here:

The process of preparing and launching accounts:

I want to say that many actions are done at the registration level, so I will only describe what our team does.

What is worth paying attention to:

By following these guidelines you can reduce the risk of losing accounts and therefore money.


We use cards from well-known banks. We are staying at one bank. There is nothing to tell us, because from the very beginning of the foundation, we chose a bank and there were no problems with it (we do not take into account the temporary glitches and whims of FB).

I read and did everything as it is written in the article, but it did not help me. What should I do?

The work of the affiliater in 2020 is a routine process that is repeated day after day, and working under a certain “scheme”, attention is lost and you can make stupid mistakes by inattention and we are no exception, we use the following scheme, which helps us to identify the cause of the ban and rejected.

Scheme “NPPR TEAM”:

3.1. Take any neutral picture from the Internet: fruits, mountains, cars, etc.

3.2. Take any white domain from the Internet suitable to your picture, check this domain for a ban in the FB:

3.3. Set up an advertising campaign for your target audience from scratch. Send to moderation. And we wait for the result.

This scheme allows you to 100% touch on all aspects of the launch. In case of successful passing of moderation for us this is a signal that allows us to narrow down the search to “accounts, domains, creos”. Next, we repeat items 1–3, changing only 1 variable, for example: instead of white creo with mountains, we use the creativity that you are going to advertise. I think the direction is clear.

If none of the above does not help, then we need to change the approach to launch and for one all the consumables and build anew the launch method.

We tried to describe the main points we stick to for successful launch of advertising campaigns. We should understand that FB has vagaries, bugs and glitches, when it can mow everything absolutely without any visible reasons, FB develops, but we do not sleep either).

Tests are everything!

I hope we were able to make our life a little easier and make affiliate marketing more understandable.

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Thank you for your attention!