How do we manage to run up to 90% of any accounts or how do we decide, determine the reasons for deviations (mental) when working with Facebook.

Domain Ban.

How does our team work with domains?

The process of preparing domains for the launch of advertising:

  1. Bind a domain/subdomain to
  2. Checking for locks, here:
  3. Add to Keitaro and IMKLO, here:
  4. We generate a white page here:

What to pay attention to:

  1. Domain names, whether there are any forbidden words in using the domain name.
  2. Does https:// work correctly?
  3. Does your cloak and tracker work correctly? Does your data give to bot/human.
  4. The subject matter of the white page is the same as the creo that is being launched. If there are frames in creo with imitation of sexual traits or other actions, then try to use white pages that would display the point of creo to the maximum.

Creoses, creations, creo.

How does our team create and work with creativity?

The process of creating any kind of creativity:

  1. We are studying Landing (pre-landing)/offer.
  2. See trends and reviews on the product.
  3. Studying and peeking at spy services.
  4. Writing several scenarios (approaches) and headlines for creativity for different user audiences.
  5. Selection of material from open sources (clipart, videos, creation from scratch).
  6. Creation and processing of materials taking into account Facebook filter bypassing.
  7. Testing by “combat launch” for different target audience.
  8. Selection and scaling and uniqueization of “successful creos”.
  9. Creation of a creative base with successful and unsuccessful approaches.

Accounts. Selfies. Checks, etc.

The process of preparing and launching accounts:

  1. Creating a profile in the AEZAKMI antidetect-browser with a load of cookies and proxies, we use a combination of Windows — Chrome, here:
  2. Bind cards 1 acc = 1 proxy (no repetitions within 1 bundle for binding), here:
  3. Add an account in Fbtool, hanging the same proxy as when linking the map (it is important to match the geo within the operator). Maps can be tied in Fbtool as well.
  4. Go to through an antidetect browser with already loaded cookies and proxies.
  5. Go to Adsmanager, generate and import an advertising campaign through
  6. Loading creo.
  7. We check if everything is correct.
  8. We send for moderation. We also use the form for quick moderation — We insert the ID of the ad and write: “Announcement hangs on moderation for a long time, please consider as soon as possible.
  9. We set the autoregulation rules through the FB tool/comment clearing at the discretion of the affiliates.
  10. Let’s analyze the indicators.

What is worth paying attention to:

  1. Proxies, proxies, proxies… this is probably the most important part when working with accounts. There is a huge number of them and we cannot give you unambiguous recommendations and advice which ones to use either. We use our mobile proxies Megafon in five regions of Russia (before that we used 2 more regions, but had to refuse, because the quality of the issued subnets was terrible).
  2. Avoid being in multiple accounts from the same ip address at the same time. (In 2–3 accounts “with pain and fear” you can sit simultaneously from one proxy).
  3. The process of registration and preparation of launch accounts is performed from a proxy from one region, such a bunch does NOT allow to interrupt the GEO chain in the eyes of FB. Proxy GEO is important, but more important is the history and type of proxy, for example: our accounts perfectly live on Ukrainian proxies and conducted small tests on proxies from RB. As strange as it may seem, many affiliates, who came to us, did not even realize that the reason for account rejection is that they have a static IP slime+.
  4. And the subnet of issued ip-addresses is limited only to the last three digits (, which also has a negative impact on the work with accounts.
  5. Working in accounts through a browser, avoid the use of proxies with a time interval for changing the ip-address, the fact is that with the classic filling of ads and just pharming, ip-address modem can change a large number of times, which is not typical behavior of the average user, unless he certainly does not travel on high-speed train across the country.
  6. Buying accounts, try to find out the following information: date of registration of accounts, the type of proxy (mobile / resident), geo-registration, operator, if possible: the number of subnets used to register accounts within a single geo-registration, the frequency of repetition of the proxy (to repeat the ip address, register accounts is categorically not recommended and you should not buy such accounts), the method of registration of the account (again, most likely no one will say, but little = )).
  7. Feedback. Look for reviews and ask for recommendations on sellers. This will help to avoid financial losses.
  8. Pay attention to how many accounts are ready to work, namely: whether there is an avatar, fp, what settings were made before you bought the account. We’ve noticed that the fewer actions were taken with an account, the more likely it is that the accounts will be deleted from the start, because often the autoreg of any store is dead loaded without any activity and if you haven’t taken any actions with it after registration, the account is very likely to fly away even when you log in.
  9. If you use an antidetect-browser, try to choose the characteristics of real devices (not 1257 cores and 3567 gb of RAM, etc.) while creating the imprint.


I read and did everything as it is written in the article, but it did not help me. What should I do?

Scheme “NPPR TEAM”:

  1. Check the proxy if the operator has entered new subnets/does not limit the number of ip addresses issued.
  2. We monitor popular communities and chats for mass account departure.
  3. Check the accounts with a test run:




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