How to bulk create Fingerprint profiles

3 min readJan 19, 2021


To use the function of bulk profiles generation — go to your Account > Massgen

You will see a page for entering parameters for creating a lot of fingerprints

Basic settings

In the “Fingerprint name” field, specify the profile mask. That is, all created prints will have a serial number as a prefix: 1, 2, 3 … _Name_ proxy port (if proxies are not used, then the postfix will remain empty)

In the “Fingerprint count” field, specify the required number of fingerprints (from 2x to n, where n is the maximum number of profiles available for your subscription type)

In the “Screen resolution” field, select the required screen resolution value — all fingerprints will be with the same type of resolution

Advanced settings

In advanced mode, set sliders on noise,

as well as: On / Off — WebRTC and DoNotTrack

All changes in this type of setting are based solely on your understanding of what you are doing.


If you have cookies in json format, you need to put them in this field. Yes, you can immediately add a numbers of cookies, as how many accounts as you want to create

Please note that all cookies are inserted line by line. That is, you inserted a cookie, pressed ENTER — you were transferred to a new line and you insert a new cookie, and so on.

Please note that if you have fewer cookies than the number of created fingerprints, the remaining profiles will be without cookies.


If you have working proxies, you can specify them in this field line by line (line with proxy> enter> line with proxy, etc.) and proxies will automatically be added to each profile. The proxy is entered in the following format:

type:ip:port:login:pass where —

type —proxy type: https/http(s)/socks

ip — ip-address of proxy

port — port number

login:pass —proxy user log/pass of

Please note: if the number of proxies you have is less than the number of fingerprints, then the proxies will be put in the prints in a circle (rotated)

If you have only 1 proxy (mobile), with changing ip-addresses — you enter 1 line with the proxy


After selecting all the necessary parameters and entering the data, click the “Generate” button and wait for the notification about the successful creation of profiles

All your fingerprints will appear in the Profile Dashboard > Your Profiles menu and in the Aezakmi plugin