How to Start Using AEZAKMI

Hey! Let us tell you how to use AEZAKMI for your daily business routine.

As you created several fingerprint profiles in your Personal Account, log in the AEZAKMI extension.

Sign In and AEZAKMI extension

1. Set up an extension in the AEZAKMI browser

2. Third-party cookies transfer

3. Saving, migrating and loading a work profile

4. Create a new browser profile

1. Set up an extension in the AEZAKMI browser

If you need, you can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store. However, in this case we will not be able to guarantee 100% work of all anti-detection systems.

Before installing the extension, it is better to consult with our support specialists.

2. Third-party cookies transfer

If you have logs or cookies in json, you can load them through the extension for working with cookies, for example, EditThisCookie. It works on AEZAKMI, we recommend using it.

3. Saving, migrating and loading a work profile

If you want to transfer a fingerprint profile with cookies and sessions, click the ‘Save Profile in File’ button in the AEZAKMI extension.

The Save Profile in File button

Next, click ‘Download’.

The Profile Download button

Your profile will be saved in the ‘Download’ folder, by default. Transfer the profile as you want. Uploaded profiles are stored only on your device. We do not use cloud technologies to store your data.

In order to load a saved profile in another browser profile or an AEZAKMI account, log in to the AEZAKMI extension and click the ‘Upload Profile File’ button.

The Profile Upload button

That profile will be loaded and you will see relevant message in the status bar of the extension. Sessions and cookies with logged in forms are set up automatically. If the profile uses proxy connection with authorization enter login:password. We also recommend saving it for further using that browser profile.

4. Create a new browser profile

You may use a browser profile and a fingerprint profile for each individual account or a task. It is very suitable for comfortable work with many social network accounts or tasks.

Create New Browser Profile

Click on the ‘Create New Browser Profile’ icon and the system will automatically create a new browser profile, which you can easily rename.

Watch a video with a detailed description of the system on our YouTube channel

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