Work with the AEZAKMI account

2 min readJul 31, 2019


New Profile Creation

Creating a brand new fingerprint profile takes only five clicks.

It is necessary to select the parameters one by one: Operating System, Browser, Video Card Driver and Video Card Model from the drop-down list. Then press ‘GENERATE’ and a unique browser fingerprint profile will be generated based on the parameters you selected.

The menu for selecting options for a new browser fingerprint

Proxy Settings

You need to activate the Enable Proxy parameter to use a proxy in the fingerprint profile. There are settings where you need to put in the settings of your proxy server: proxy type, IP-address, port, login / password

The ‘WebRTC Disable’ option is recommended to be ON if you are not using a VPN.

Proxy Configuration Menu

After setting up the proxy, we strongly recommend to click ‘SET GEO SETTINGS ON PROXY IP ADRESS’.

This will automatically set up your GPS fingerprints, the languages set in the system, and the system time according to the IP address of your proxy server.

Many antifraud systems react negatively to the inconsistency of these fingerprints with the Geo-IP data.

If you do not press this button, these fingerprints will be created based on your current IP-address.

Advanced Settings

We do not recommend making changes in the advanced settings section!

If you need to change ‘noised’ parameters, such as WEBGL, CANVAS, AUDIO and RECT, then you can activate Advanced Mode and select the ‘Noise’ section in the appeared section.

Over there, you can cancel the ‘noise’ on the desired fingerprint by turning it off.

Advanced Settings Menu

We recommend not turning off the ‘Noise’, because our fingerprint base mainly consists of Windows OS fingerprints. There are many different opinions regarding noises. From our point of view, it is better to use noises. If your opinion is different, you can turn it off.

To save a fingerprint profile, you need to give it a name and click ‘SAVE’.

Saving the Created Profile

Now the fingerprint profile is available in AEZAKMI browser extension, and you can use it.

Enjoy it, bro!