Working with Facebook BMs. How the NPPR TEAM works + a bonus

4 min readMay 31, 2021


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Many had questions about how to properly work with them, so as to prolong the life of BMs and the accounts linked to them for as long as possible.

Now, we’ll talk about the main method of working with BMs. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. In order to use them properly you need:

1. An active social media account — one you farmed yourself or rented. Just any good, solid account.

@aezbrobot — autoregs, BM’s, manually farmed fb-accounts for sale

@fbshop_aezakmi — fb support, also you can buy BM here

2. A backup account (optional).

3. The BM you’re planning to connect.

After adding the BM to your account, go to the campaign settings, in the “Users” section, “People” subsection there are 3 administrators. The first — the BMs creator, the second — the reserve link, the third — your account.

An error has occurred. We are already working on the earliest solution to this problem. Try again later.

If you get this message, your social media account probably lacks trust. Don’t try to use the second link, lest you ruin the BM, pick a different account to link the BM to.

Add the administrator, input a random email, click invite and get a 4th administrator (the new link). Copy the link so that, in case you lose access to this account, you’ll be able to add the BM to a different one. Try to delete the BM’s creator (sometimes you’re told to wait 7 days), delete the second link that was initially there when you added the bm (just making sure, no one but you will have the link to your BM).

We end up with this list of admins.

Go to the “Payment methods” section and add your card. Next, create the first ad campaign (give this account full control over our new link), after that, Facebook will itself offer you to pick a payment system — choose the Business Manager model.

Make a fan page. No avatar, a random title that starts with a letter (if it starts with a number the fan page’s profile pic won’t be that first letter, and that’s exactly what we’re after). The FP looks the following way (the empty FP). You can create it in the BM itself or in the account, but then you’ll need to add it in the BM settings.

The next step is creating your first ad campaign.

Select drive traffic by REACH (COVERAGE), leave all the fields as they are (just click next, next, next…), in the ad settings, choose your fan page, an image (the page’s image) and post. This is how the ad will look like, except the photo will be the avatar of the fan page, no text or links.

After a little while, your ad will become active and will start being shown to users (it’s different for everyone, but it usually takes around 90 minutes). As soon as you start getting ad charges — disable the campaign, go to billing and turn it off manually. After this little trick, you can add up to 4 more ad campaigns to your BM. It’s best to warm up each ad account with a $2–10 post boost.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel or anything. Launch your main ads from the BM’s ad accounts. Don’t verify the BM and don’t link the accounts you drive traffic from.

How to remove the $250 limit and make the BM restriction-free?

When the billing hits $250, add a new card to your ad account (it works if you link the card to the ad account, not the BM itself). Pay off any debt you may have, delete the old card and wait 1–2 hours. The ad account’s limit is refreshed.

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